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Tripple T! Known as 'The strongest, most potent and natural herbal alternative to anabolic performance enhancers'

- Worlds first Bulgarian Tribulus Testiculin Extract! - Official sponsor of Bulgarian Powerlifting - FREE worldwide shipping - By 'T Boost Pharmaceuticals Bulgaria' - 90 Capsules - FREE worldwide shipping!

Bulgarian Tribulus and Testiculin Extract

® Tripple T!

As seen on Muscle Sport TV

Original formula used by Powerlifters for over three decades!

Tripple T is 100% natural with no artificial ingredients

'Tribulus Terrestris' and 'Testiculin'.

By T - Boost Pharmaceuticals Bulgaria. The Pioneers in Bulgarian Tribulus! Its not the amount of milligram content in Tribulus! Its the purity!

As seen on Muscle Sport Magazine 2017!

Our team refer to TTT® as 'The strongest, most potent and natural herbal alternative to anabolic performance enhancers'

Our top selling testosterone booster based on over 30 years of research. Probably the strongest legal testosterone booster available on earth!

TTT® contains the rare ingredient Testiculin (bull testicle extract which increases testosterone) combined with Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris (which is our product called Staminaxe, see our product page). These combined ingredients were used traditionally by Powerlifters of Eastern Europe over 30 years ago giving them unparalleled strength and muscle! TTT® is the original formula!

Recommended by previous 8 x world champion powerlifter Nikolay Peshalov.

A unique testosterone booster Powered by T - Boost Pharmaceuticals of Bulgaria! The original formula. Accept no imitations!

90 capsules / 1 month supply of super natural testosterone boosting formula!

For Dosage & Ingredients see boxes shown above.


  • Developed in Bulgaria over 30 years ago! 'TTT'® is famous in Eastern Europe and known for it's Mass Testosterone Boosting capabilities! TTT! Worlds first Bull Testicle and Tribulus extract!
  • TTT has now been used by the Bulgarian Powerlifting Team for over 20 years and by 8 x World Champion Nikloy Pechalov!
  • Some Users Report 10 Lbs Of Lean Mass On An 8 - 10 Week Cycle!
  • You will feel TTT surging through your veins increasing with every dose! Known as the strongest legal supplement on planet earth today!
  • By T - Boost Pharmaceuticals Bulgaria! Now FREE delivery worldwide!

Alex, Germany, January, 2017.

Hello Tribestan Worldwide!

Just wanted to say what a great test booster TTT really is! I really could feel the testosterone surge after 2 weeks.  Had great pumps and my strength increased by a lot! I did a 8 week cycle and after 6 weeks I was about 6 pounds of muscle up and bench press up by 15 kilo!

I love this stuff and will continue to use it. Its safe and natural, no sides. No other test booster compares!

Read full review here ....................

Daniel Davies. CEO / Owner at Tribestan Worldwide describes TTT®

'The TTT formulation is designed to potentiate maximum anabolic physiology to the point of superhuman responses when training at advanced levels'

So What Exactly Is TTT®? Natural testosterone Booster

TTT originated in Bulgaria over 40 years ago and is a
combination of two potent natural testosterone boosting ingredients! Bulgarian tribulus and testiculin. Read on!

Ingredient 1 = Staminaxe (see product page)

Our highly concentrated Bulgarian Tribulus called Staminaxe is already proven as the best ever extract of Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris because it is made with a unique technology which allows it to reach the highest level of protodioscin which increases testosterone!

Ingredients 2 = Testiculin

Testiculin is derived from the Bull hormone testosterone which is part of the testicle. This formula is a special combination of amico acids which trigger the natural production of the human hormone testosterone!

Each serving of TTT® contains a huge 960mg of Testiculin!

We are proud to offer you this unique formula which is only available to us for over 40 years!

These two products are what gave the famous TTT® it's name (Staminaxe + Testiculin = TTT®). These two products act synergistically and complement their actions in an incredible way!
TTT® is now our top selling product at Trybest Pharma and officially used by the Bulgarian Powerlifting Team and official sponsor!

So what can TTT® do for you?

The TTT formulation is designed to potentiate anabolic physiology of the individual to the point of superhuman responses when training at the most advanced levels.

The end result is a daily rate of muscle and systematic recovery so advanced that the limits of TTT® have
not yet been challenged!

The ultimate benefit is being able to pack on muscle mass and gain strength beyond what was expected to be humanly and genetically possible to the most advanced user! With a combination of Staminaxe and the extract of calf testicles you get TTT®! Probably the most pure and potent natural testosterone booster in the world!

Stack TTT® with Staminaxe for even greater results! See Staminaxe on our product page!

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